As stated on our frontpage: “Our goal is to gather scientific gaming data and make it accessible to everyone.”

One of the biggest obstacles I gaming and esport is, that the industry is still evolving, and everyone seems to have their own idea on how we make games and esport better. We want to put all that feedback in surveys, and analyze the data gathered, and then present it in an easily obtainable way.

Surveys is a good way to collect soft data, because it enables us to make correlations and regressions, on how the players really feel.

In addition, we aim to make our survey as academic as possible, so students can use them as a reference point, and companies can trust the data in them. Of course, our main segment is still players that like to explore statistics about their favorite games.

We need your help to do it, as you might know, we need a lot of answers in a survey to make it significant and representative. By joining our newsletter, we will send you the surveys, so you can help us help others – and do not worry if you do not want to answer a survey, you will still get the results.

Currently, we make one survey every month. A survey takes around 50-100 working hours to make. You can check our methodology here to see how we make our surveys.

Also, if you have any ideas to a topic you would like us to research, feel free to contact us HERE,