So how do we collect the data and work with it?

We think Methodology is important, there is a small section that explains our methodology in every infographic. In general, our process is like this:

  1. Figure out what we want to research.
  2. Find some academic research that matches what we want to do, often this is hard because of the lack of research in the gaming area. For example in the infographic about freemium, we used a reference point in research in freemium in virtual worlds. We will always credit the articles that we have used.
  3. Building the survey by following academic guidelines.
  4. We distribute the surveys through our mailing list, Facebook groups and Reddit.
  5. We analyze all the data in SPSS, and if something is not significant or fail a goodness of fit test, we most likely will not include it. – If we do, we will let you know that this data needs more research.